Drug Detox California

Be selective when choosing a drug detox in California. So many rehabs that offer detox as one of their treatment options are nothing more than revolving door facilities that turn patients back out onto the streets with little or no plan for preventing relapse. At Pax House Recovery, we have a safe, comfortable facility for medication-assisted treatment during detox, along with a smooth transition into residential treatment.

Why Choose Pax House For Treatment?

Detox is not enough to prevent a relapse from occurring. Alcohol and drug addiction require time spent in recovery learning new skills and developing a plan of action for times when triggers and temptation present themselves. At Pax House, we offer a personalized duration of treatment from 30-90 days, depending on your individual needs. Since no treatment plan looks the same for each patient, we are careful to asses each patient’s needs and create a customized plan for long-term recovery for addiction.

Help Getting Through Withdrawals

It comes as no surprise to learn that most drug addicts never seek help for their addiction because they fear painful withdrawals during detox. New treatment options at Pax house Recovery significantly minimize the discomfort and pain of withdrawal symptoms. Depending on your situation, we may be able to provide MAT, which uses specialized medications to wean off of the substance you’re addicted to.

If you’ve not already gone through detox at another drug detox in California or elsewhere, we’ll make it available as the starting point of your treatment. Some of our patients are even able to begin recovery programs while going through detox. Your treatment plan will be unique to your needs.

A Full Continuum of Care

Unlike other treatment facilities where support ends at the end of residential treatment, Pax House Recovery stays engaged and offers ongoing support in the form of aftercare, outpatient treatment, and Sober Living Homes. We know that detox on its own is not enough to give patients what they need to live a life free from addiction. If you’re currently seeking a drug detox in California that can help you get on track and stay the course for a lifetime of recovery, reach out to a Pax House agent now through email or by phone.

We’re Waiting to Help

Our compassionate staff is ready to meet you wherever you happen to be on the path to wellness. If that happens to be at the very first step, give us a call to get established in a detox program that will turn your life around. Every great journey starts with one step. Pick up the phone and call Pax House for effective options in treatment.

We know that addiction treatment is only useful when the patient is ready to accept help- that’s why your phone call is not only confidential but in no way obligates you to take the next step. It can be very comforting knowing that Pax House is here for you when you’re ready to make the decision. Call us night or day to speak with a friendly voice.

Drug Detox California
Pax House Recovery
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