Addiction is heartbreaking and confusing for the loved ones of an addict. By reading this today, you have taken an important step forward for your loved one, and yourself, by seeking professional help.

Many family relationships are the first casualties of alcohol or drug abuse. Some families enable the addiction, some dysfunctional family relationships contribute to the development of the addiction. The feeling of being powerless to help those suffering from addiction is overwhelming.

Recovery for the addict and their love ones begins when everyone gets the help they need to address the destructive patterns the addict and family are locked into. If left unaddressed, these dynamics can undermine recovery. At Pax House we have family groups that integrate loved ones into the treatment process, because addiction involves and touches everyone in a family.

Please feel free to speak confidentially to one of our staff members about your situation and how we can help.


Dr. Sarah Wahab, Psy.D,
Clinical Director

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