As reported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA),  there has been a dramatic increase in the adoption rate of recovery-oriented care and recovery support systems in recent years.

SAMHSA has developed a four-part definition that defines a life in recovery:

  1. HEALTH: making the right, healthy choices that support physical one’s overall health and well-being.
  2. HOME: stability and safety at home.
  3. PURPOSE: Having the right attitude, job, mentorship, independence to be a participating member of society.
  4. COMMUNITY: Building a strong infrastructure that includes love, friendship and social support, driving hope in one’s life.

Indeed, “hope,” a belief that these challenges and conditions can be overcome, is the very foundation of recovery.

The statistics when it comes to addiction and recovery can be discouraging, but what we have seen and experienced is that millions of addicts willing to honestly face their issues, and with the right help recover everyday.

Our abstinent, 12-step approach with the ongoing support early on, when the person is ready, works. Millions of people have new, purposeful places in society free from alcohol and drugs.

With your help, and their commitment, this may be your loved ones time.




Akashdeep S. Gil, M.D.,
Healthcare Director

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