Often the prospect of how to pay for treatment can feel overwhelming and for some, too much to handle. Rely on us to help you with managing the financial details.

Pax House accepts most insurance plans for those who would like to enroll in our recovery program. The cost of treatment may be covered by full or partial payments depending on your individual insurance plan and the coverage they provide. It is necessary to determine the extent of your coverage through an insurance verification form prior to enrollment as benefits will differ according to each plan. Filling out an insurance verification form can help us find the extent of your coverage so that we can either accept your full payment up front or partial payments through your insurance benefits. 

When a patient’s insurance does not cover the full payment, they can provide a deposit or co-payment if out of pocket maximums have not been met, or their insurance only offers limited coverage for our recovery services. If your insurance does not cover our services at all we can sometimes obtain a single case agreement with your insurance provider to cover the cost as you complete our recovery program. Private financing is also available.

At Pax House we work to ensure that those in need of recovery can afford our treatment and benefit from our services. Feel free to call us and let us recommend the right plan for you or your loved one.

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