Many addicts enter treatment having a secondary diagnosis. At times because active addiction can look and feel like other mental illnesses, or because those with mental illness problems may attempt to “self-medicate” through the use of drugs or alcohol in order to reduce their symptoms of depression or anxiety.

In many cases substance abuse is the primary problem leading to mental health issues like hallucinations, depression or anxiety which can complicate their addiction treatment. A true diagnosis can not be determined until active addiction is halted and our team  can determine the proper specialized, dual diagnosis treatment necessary for the individual to reach full recovery and avoid relapsing.

A generalized rehab treatment may not be enough for people suffering from unique issues and difficult circumstances. That's why addiction treatment designed specifically for those with mental illnesses results in a better chance for full recovery, with the individual remaining sober long after completing their program. 

Our residential rehab facilities offer the supportive environment and necessary tools for patients with a dual diagnosis to successfully face their individual challenges.

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