Addiction is a physical, mental and spiritual disease. When we’re in recovery, we learn that the “form” the substance takes, whether it be alcohol, pills, cocaine, marijuana or opiates, matters less then treating the underlying conditions that the disease is trying to “medicate”.

If an addict cuts out some, but not all mood and mind altering substances, the disease stays active and relapse becomes inevitable.

When a parent asked Dr. Sarah Wahab, Psy.D, our Clinical Director, about this common misunderstanding, this was her answer:

“Alcohol is a drug, and it is recommended that an addict seeking recovery stop the use of all drugs. Pax House teaches abstinence based treatment. The issue isn’t ‘which drug hurts me and which does not,’ it’s that I can’t be comfortable in my own skin without SOMETHING mind altering to fix the way I feel. There is more to it than that, but in a nutshell it’s not about which drug we are using, it’s about the need to use something - anything - to feel comfortable.”

At Pax House we will help you embark on your personal  journey of transformation. This journey begins by removing all of  the harmful, destructive substances within you, while you start to learn about the underlying causes that you have been trying to medicate through your use.

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