Recovery means the end of isolation when you finally find the support you need to turn your life around. At Pax House, we understand the importance of teaching you all the tools you will need to live without alcohol and/or drugs. While here you will learn important relapse prevention techniques and you will also attend and get involved in 12-step groups in the community. It is crucial to connect with others who are now sober, who have stayed sober, and learned a new approach to a happier life, ‘one day at a time’. We know because this is what worked for us. This sense of belonging to the 12-step community is crucial to implement early on and continue when you leave treatment.

We also have Alumni and Aftercare programs to offer continued support for our clients in their journey to recovery. We recognize that alcoholism and drug addiction are incurable diseases, and through experience, we know they can be managed with the right set of skills, knowledge, support and structure. Having shared in a common problem, working to change gives us all a powerful connection to one another and a sense of purpose to strive to help those who suffer the same way.


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