Phase One: Detox

Long term alcohol and/or drug use takes a very heavy toll on the body, so before recovery can begin it is imperative to address the physical effects of active addiction. All of our clients start treatment with a 24-72 hour detox period where each individual is medically monitored to ensure safety during this important first phase of physical detox. You will be monitored around the clock to ensure the safest withdrawal and to prevent any possible medical complications.

Some of our clients may require medically-assisted detox. This includes using specialized medication to wean a person off a substance. This is most commonly used with opiate withdrawal. Suboxone and methadone are the most common medications used for opiate withdrawal. They act similarly to opioid drugs but have a longer half-life, meaning they do not require as many doses as the other drugs. The dosage is lowered over time, so that a person does not experience withdrawal. There are also drugs that assist in safely tapering off alcohol dependency.

We want to ensure that you are stabilized and healthy enough to participate in our program, at a level where you will be able to concentrate fully on learning about your disease, understanding the underlying issues that led to its development, and gaining the skills and the strength necessary to overcome it. The length of the detox program will depend on your situation, but we ensure that each client has the appropriate level of detox necessary to take the first step in their journey to recovery.

Phase Two: Residential Treatment

As active alcoholics/addicts we have been trying to cope with life the only way we know how, and by the time we reach out for help our problems are piled up and we are overwhelmed. Our mission at Pax House is to help you discover and implement a new ‘design for living’ that we, and millions of other addicts have found. Freedom can be yours.

Once you are physically stable, we will be able to start the assessment period and  begin to evaluate your specific needs: physical and mental health; types of substance use and/or dual addiction; family history, etc., to ensure you receive the best possible treatment plan to build a solid foundation for lasting recovery.

At Pax House our objective is to help you get what you need to begin your journey, with the tools you will require to rebuild your life and finally address your disease. For some, breaking the cycle is the only chance they have. Being in a safe, drug and alcohol free environment with like-minded people is imperative to really focus on your problem, away from the triggers, and stressors of old environments that contributed to your addiction formation. Immersed in a new, serene, safe and supportive setting, you can learn how to be sober and remain sober. At Pax House, we offer 30, 60 and 90-day treatment options as we know your individual need and life situation may be different from someone else. The length of stay is dependent upon you and your situation.

While your treatment program is individualized to suit your specific needs, the main treatment components remain the same. The foundation of the program is an abstinence based, 12-step disease model and continuum of care that has proven to be most successful for the millions of addicts who are living in recovery.

During your initial session with your primary counselor, you and your counselor will formulate an individualized treatment program that addresses your particular needs. During treatment, you will meet with your counselor on a weekly basis to discuss issues that have arisen during treatment, as well as to process specific assignments.

We know that ongoing, individual counseling sessions are an essential component of treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. Most of us get to treatment full of fear, anxiety, remorse and many other problems that need to be addressed, one on one, case by case. You might be diagnosed with mental illness such as depression or anxiety, or it might just be negative feelings or emotions brought about by low self-esteem, relationship problems, stress, external pressures, a traumatic event, or other negative experiences. If your mental health is not addressed alongside the addiction problems, then you may have a high risk of relapse. At Pax House, individual psychotherapy is the foundation of our treatment program.

Our residential treatment provides intensive treatment for substance abuse and addiction with 24-hour monitoring and care. The program at Pax House is highly structured. Recovering addicts follow a regular schedule and learn the positive benefits of routine in sobriety. The treatment is intensive, and your days are filled with individual and group counseling, education groups, therapeutic activities, and daily 12-step meetings. The facilities are entirely drug and alcohol free to ensure clients remain sober during the most challenging stages of early recovery.

Group Activities
Breaking the lonely isolation of active alcoholism/drug use and being with other sober people sharing in our common experiences and feelings, is the very foundation of recovery. At Pax House we offer varied groups, including process, educational and family groups. Process groups focus on addressing various shared issues, such as self-esteem, anger management or trauma, in a group setting with others undergoing a similar experience. Clients receive supportive feedback from their peers and have a safe environment in which to share and process certain feelings and emotions. A counselor advises the group. Education groups differ in that the main focus is to teach clients about alcoholism and addiction. It is done in an interactive setting where clients can ask questions and discuss certain issues. Family groups include the family members of the clients, where issues related to family dynamics are addressed.

The Amenities
Pax House provides a comfortable, supportive atmosphere in which to address the underlying issues that contributed to the development of the addiction. The beautiful surroundings of the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Altadena, California provide the perfect setting for healing. Our house contains twelve beds for both men and women. Meals are prepared on-site by our very own resident chef from Le Cordon Bleu. Past residents all agree that the home-like surroundings and the supportive structure they found within, was a formative foundation of beginning to heal their inner damage and regain a new sense of peace and purpose.

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