Pasadena Treatment Center

Sober living Pasadena is a type of group home where the residents all are recovering addicts, who are transitioning from an inpatient facility to being able to live at home.  This is a safe place where they can receive the tools needed to live a sober life once they can go home. There are several kinds of sober living homes. Some are for alcoholics or a specific drug or age group. Some are gender specific. There are many divisions, but there is one main thing common in all of them. A sober living home is a safe place that a person can live while they are transitioning. Some have professionals that are on staff and others do not. Professionals like house manager, social workers, psychiatrists or counselors add to the education and training they can get at the facility. A sober living home is best suited for the patient that is receiving intensive outpatient treatment.

Life in sober living Pasadena is similar to real-world home life. There are no drugs, alcohol, violence or people staying for an overnight visit allowed. Residents may undergo random drug and alcohol tests to assure these rules are being followed. In most of the homes, you must be in a support group or outpatient care. During the day, the residents may work or go to school. Some are in a PHP partial hospitalization program during the day. To stay here, the resident must pay rent and do household chores. The goal is to prepare them for going home. To do this, they must learn to be able to participate in real-world activities and responsibilities.

Staying at a sober living facility gives the patient the best outcome, and they have a better chance of remaining sober without relapse. The stresses of home life can be a little too much for the person that has just completed inpatient care. If they return home to fast, they may not be able to handle that pressure and can relapse easily. They need the opportunity to learn the skills to prevent this and to be able to put those skills to practice in a safe environment first. Since everyone in the home is going through the same things, it is easier to get the support needed from them, and they hold each other accountable for their actions. Though most of the residents have been in residential treatment and staying at sober living Pasadena as a bridge to living at home, it is not necessary to have been an inpatient to stay at a sober living facility.

Here at Pax House, you will find that the sober living house is relaxing and little supervision. We do require treatment in our outpatient program or by attending regular 12-step meetings.  There is no alcohol, drugs, violence or any guests allowed to spend the night in our facility.  This is to provide the safety needed to maintain a sober life during this time of learning and applying new skills.  Because it is so important, we will require random drug and alcohol testing.

Pasadena Treatment Center
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