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Drug Abuse Orange County

TruVida Recovery is the #1 treatment facility for drug abuse in Orange County with high-end infrastructure, modern amenities, and an expert staff team. We help individuals combat their addiction condition by enabling them to regain control over their mind and body.

What are the benefits of the 12 step program?

The 12 steps program for drug addiction works on spiritual principles and offers a platform for recovering addicts to share their thoughts, emotions, and challenges with other members of the group. Benefits of the 12-step program include:

  • NA groups act as a social and mental vent for recovering addicts, where they can meet new people and discuss their progress and challenges in recovery.
  • NA groups offer individuals with a non-judgemental platform where they can let their guard down and get honest feedback from other group members.
  • Recovering addicts develop a sense of belonging to the group and its members. Weekly NA meetings become an event that individuals look forward to as they start building special bonds with members of the group.
  • The group offers mutual support and love to each other, and the members watch out for one another in the recovery process.
  • It is free of cost, and these meetings offer peace of mind and emotional clarity to recovering addicts.

We offer affordable treatments and therapies for drug abuse in Orange County. Our addiction treatment program encompasses a combination of psychotherapies, individuals counseling, group therapy sessions, and support group sessions.

Paying for treatment with insurance

Most health insurances offer full or partial coverage for addiction treatment. Make sure to call your insurance provider to learn about the extent of coverage for residential/outpatient/IOP treatment programs. Besides, Obamacare or ACA offers coverage for the treatment of addiction and the co-occurring mental health disorders.

Furthermore, you can also use federal and state-sponsored schemes like Medicare and Medicaid to pay for your rehab treatment. However, you need to meet with certain eligibility criteria, if you choose to use either of these schemes.

Different types of continuing support

Rehab centers offer aftercare programs for their recovering addicts to help them maintain sobriety. These programs create a sense of accountability, which can be a healthy reminder for recovering addicts to stay focused on recovery. Different types of continuing care include:

  • Individual therapy - Many rehab centers offer cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, biofeedback, and EMDR sessions to address the disturbing thoughts, emotions, and feelings that individuals experience after rehab
  • Check-ups - At our facility, we offer regular check-ups to recovering addicts with our mental health professionals as a part of our aftercare program. This way, we keep a constant check on individuals and their physical and mental health status.
  • 12-Step Programs and support group sessions - We conduct meetings like NA, AA, and gender-based support groups to recovering addicts regularly.

TruVida Recovery is one of the premier rehab centers for drug abuse in Orange County. Call us today to help a loved one struggling with addiction, overcome their harmful behavior. We specialize in offering the best medical detox and psychotherapies for dual diagnosis.

Drug Abuse Orange County
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