Drug Rehab Centers In New England

Are you out of options after taking a look at all the drug rehab centers in New England? Indeed, most of them are very expensive when it comes to addiction treatment. Fortunately, The Riverbank House helps those in dire financial straits and offers accessible treatment packages. We are a much better option than other addiction centers.

Do you need rehab to escape addiction?

The answer is undoubtedly yes since you have no other option. There are no reliable or scientifically certified home remedies that you can try at home. You lack the knowledge and medical experience to ingest drugs, and you also can’t prevent relapsing efficiently. The only way to do this is to undergo treatment at a professional center.

Come to us for a highly comfortable and efficient treatment. We’ll internalize you for a period of 28 days, during which we’ll put you through detox and standard rehab. After those 28 days are over, you can go home, but we’ll recommend you remain hospitalized for a more extended period. Only long-term treatment can reliably help you overcome your addiction and heal your psyche completely.

Excellent emotional rehabilitation

Our clinic focuses not only on your physical detox cleansing but also on your psychological stability. We put a lot of emphasis on an addict’s cravings and psychological dependence on drugs. The CDC has found out that addiction is a mental disease which affects the brain consistently. It rewires the neural pathways connected to the feeling of pleasure.

That way, your drug cravings will be much more acute and intense, while your withdrawal symptoms will be much more severe. You will feel a painful need to fuel your addiction, otherwise, pain ensues. This is all a result of the neural reshaping that happens once addiction takes control. We aim to restructure your mental pathways and make them work for you instead of against you.

Recovery takes time

Whenever addiction experts had to answer a question about the ideal length of addiction treatment, they all said that 90 days was a minimum limit. This means that a patient has to spend at least 90 days in a professional environment conducive to recovery.

Any lesser, and the rehab would be incomplete, the withdrawal symptoms might still produce pains, and relapsing would always be a risk. The drug rehab centers in New England provide the best addiction treatment you need to get your life back. We focus entirely on long-term recovery, though we also offer the standard 28-days package.

When should I seek professional help?

Drug addiction is one of the most severe afflictions of the modern era. It has sent many people into depression and social impairment. Sometimes, it can even lead to death. You shouldn’t hesitate to come to one of the drug rehab centers in New England if you’re suffering from drug addiction.

Substance abuse treatment is what we, at The Riverbank House, specialize in. We offer quality-oriented treatments, research-based programs, and a personalized approach to recovery. Let us help you too overcome addiction, and become one of our many successful cases.

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