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Drug Treatment Center

Drug Treatment Center

There are thousands of stories on opposite sides of the spectrum of the US rehab industry. Some rehab service providers are so disreputable that they have an abnormal death and relapse rate. On the flip side, there are stories of patients that overcame tragic addictions and overdoses and are back on the track of a more normal life. It is not worth it to get into any rehab, which only risks your health and finances to worsen addiction. Here is what you should know about choosing the best drug and alcohol rehab near me.

What makes our drug treatment center the best for professional services?

A decent education qualification

It is not uncommon to find a rehab run by decent and good-hearted people who do not have the right educational background for various treatments. These people are often compassionate enough to launch a rehab facility, but they do not understand the importance of scientific background in recovery programs.

A successful substance abuse treatment center offers more than one treatment program with a holistic approach that considers one's biology and chemistry. Our team has 100 years of accumulated experience and several educational qualifications, which help us administer and monitor all cases from acute addictions to minor cases requiring outpatient treatment.

Frequent group and individual counseling

Inpatient and outpatient programs should always include the correct number of group and individual therapy. We use different behavioral and cognitive treatments to counter unhealthy thoughts and develop better coping mechanisms. Our counseling sessions include social workers, counselors, and psychologists to address all mental and emotional issues. Our team emphasizes both individual and group sessions to improve accountability while giving the responsibility of recovery to the individual.

Treat co-occurring disorders

It is widespread for addicts to have mental and emotional issues because they affect their perception of life and brain chemistry. The National Alliance of Mental Illness states that a third of people with addiction issues have mental illness and can only get better with dual diagnosis treatment. The Advanced Recovery Center has a close integration of both issues and a personalized treatment plan for each patient’s health complication.

Long-term treatment plan

Research states that the 30-day recovery program is unrealistic and cannot touch on every addiction issue. Instead, most addiction recovery experts recommend at least six months of inpatient treatment for severe issues and more extended treatment such as a sober living house for the worst addictions.

We tailor each person’s recovery program to their addiction and include programs that offer long-term support. As a result, our patients can get outpatient rehab treatment after leaving the intensive outpatient addiction treatment program, to continue receiving the full benefits of an individualized treatment plan.

Nutrition and exercise

There is excellent value in detox and medications and an even greater value in supporting recovery with proper nutrition and exercise. Our treatment facilities for drug and alcohol addictions offer good nutrition to reverse physical symptoms, support better brain activities and boost your self-esteem. Do you want to learn more about our services and admission process? Complete the verification process online or call 661-325-4357 for more information.

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