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Inpatient Drug Treatment Centers

Inpatient Drug Treatment Centers

Royal Life Centers ranks among the leading inpatient drug treatment centers with numerous positive reviews and the lowest relapse rates. By identifying and addressing addiction's underlying causes, we reduce the chances of relapse significantly, allowing individuals to embrace a healthy and sober lifestyle post-rehab. Some of the services that we offer as a part of our inpatient treatment include:

Medical detox

Detox from drugs is the first stage of our addiction treatment process. Our customized detox program helps patients battling substance addiction overcome their withdrawal symptoms in a pain-free manner. Our team plans the medication and treatment necessary based on your addiction's severity, co-occurring mental health issues, duration of abuse, and substance abused. The procedure also prepares our patients physically, mentally, and emotionally for other rehab treatments and therapies.

Evidence-based therapies

As one of the top-rated alcohol detox treatment centers, we offer advanced psychotherapies, such as equine-assisted therapy, movement therapy, and journaling therapy. These evidence-based modalities help identify and address addiction's causes and promote mental wellness and long-lasting sobriety and stability. Besides, it equips patients with critical coping skills to lead a healthy, sober, and gratifying life after rehab.

12-step meetings

We organize 12-step meetings every week to promote peer support amongst our residents. These group sessions offer our residents an opportunity to meet individuals battling similar issues and allow them to share their recovery experiences, challenges, and accomplishments with fellow recovering addicts. More importantly, they play an integral role in helping patients maintain their sobriety in the long-term by strengthening their commitment to sobriety and healthy living.

Counselling and group therapies

Our highly skilled team of mental health experts and behavioral therapists conduct 1-on-1 counseling sessions with our recovering addicts. These private counseling sessions offer patients an opportunity to confide their deepest insecurities, mental health challenges, and traumatic life episodes with our licensed mental health professionals. We also conduct group therapy sessions where patients get to share their recovery journey with fellow residents on a non-judgemental platform. These therapies work cohesively and help our recovering addicts embrace sobriety and improved mental and emotional stability.

Activity therapy and tribal healing

Our activity therapy programs allow us to organize, conduct, and engage our patients in outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, rock climbing, etc. These activities help patients develop communication and problem-solving capabilities, enabling them to take personal responsibility while working in a group setting. We also creatively stimulate our patients with art and music therapies to help them work through stressful situations and healthily channel and harness their positive emotions.

We also have an exclusive alcohol abuse disorder treatment for Native Americans, in the form of Tribal Healing. Our Tribal Healing alcohol and drug dependency program addresses the emotional wounds and intergenerational trauma of our Native American residents.

Call 877-recovery/877-732-6837 to speak to our rehab experts at Royal Life Centers. As one of the top inpatient drug treatment centers, we offer highly effective addiction treatment in a world-class facility with an experienced staff team.

Inpatient Drug Treatment Centers

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