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Los Angeles Clinic

Los Angeles Clinic

Saban Community Clinic seeks to be a whole health hospital. What makes us the greatest provider of holistic treatment is that our focus is on prevention. Most people tend only to reach a doctor for help in urgent cases. However, we look after long-term health. Our patient’s health is the top priority for the medical staff at Saban Community Clinic.

Our mission is to offer a whole health treatment. Health is more than just about a physical dimension; we care about your mental, social and emotional wellness.

We seek to work with you in order to achieve a “whole person care.” Whole health doctors easily adapt your treatment to your needs and work non-stop to help you succeed in your challenges. This healthcare clinic provides integral attention beyond medical care; this may include nutrition and psychological assistance.

About us

Healthcare is not a privilege but a human right. This was the idea that gave birth to our mission. Our compromise with every single person knows no type of discrimination. All human beings must be given access to only the best medical, behavioral and dental care.

Since our foundation, 50 years ago, we have been recognized for creating a brand new conception around whole health care.

Advantages of Saban Community Clinic

We are always willing to improve the service offered since our patients deserve to be treated as the ultimate customers. Our goal is to provide the finest and most efficient whole health clinic attention ever. 

So many services are offered in a single visit to guarantee comfort and speed up your healing process. We provide checkups, lab tests, results, prescriptions, and medication at once. 

Besides that, we offer behavioral health services. So if you need some support, you can count on our one-on-one counseling and diversity of groups for your whole well-being. Recover from addictions, such as smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Ask for the different options we got.

Our staff is able to handle cutting-edge treatments and also alternative and natural ways to help you heal. It is up to you! And our specialists truly adapt the best holistic treatment to your needs and circumstances.

In case you don’t have insurance, there is no reason to worry about it. Apply for coverage! Besides that, Saban Community Clinic has multiple social programs. Our prime goal is to take care of every single person who may need it, targeting all dimensions that affect us as humans.

We are committed with our society and its individuals. And our values set the foundations for all the work we do.

Prevention is key

Why wait for an urgent condition to reach for help? Detecting and treating some diseases at an early stage may be the only way to heal. Save your life and those of your family by vaccinating and doing regular checkups.

At Saban Community Clinic, we offer different services and social programs while we remain committed to our community. Ask our team in case of doubt; we will help you with anything you may need! Contact us to learn more about our clinic or services:

Los Angeles Clinic
Saban Community Clinic
Los Angeles Clinic
8405 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90048

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