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Five Signs That Your Loved One Would Be Happier and Safer in a Memory Care Facility

Everyone suffers from some memory problems as they age. When the situation worsens, you may worry about a parent who lives alone. The best option is to choose a memory care center in Los Angeles with the programs and features that will make life easier and safer for your loved one.

  1. If your loved one is becoming more forgetful, it can make living alone dangerous. Your parent will be safer when they receive proper memory care in Agoura Hills. Not all senior facilities are the same. We offer a variety of help for memory issues, including for all three stages of Alzheimer's. It is best to choose a community that caters to your parent's current and future needs when you pick a senior living facility. Your parent will feel at home and will adjust quickly to life here with plenty of amenities.


  1. A parent with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be challenging to help them. They want to be independent, yet that can be unsafe. The best way to accommodate their needs and ensure their safety is with professional memory care in LA. We offer comprehensive senior care, including our intelligent floor plans, with access to daily needs assistance. Residents have access to a button to access help in an instant if needed. We have dining rooms that offer delicious and nutritious menus, so your parent won’t need to worry about cooking. Our community has many fun activities such as a library, fitness center, beauty salon, and beautiful grounds, along with high-quality memory care in Agoura Hills.


  1. If your parent stopped participating in activities, it might be because they have memory issues. They can feel more involved when they live at a facility that specializes in memory care. We utilize The Salus by Solvere wellness philosophy. It emphasizes residents' social, intellectual, spiritual, and physical needs to help them become happier and healthier. We work individually with residents to develop a plan that will give them a full and fun life.


  1. When a parent becomes less communicative, it can be due to memory issues. They need daily interaction and stimulation to support their changing memory needs. Your parent can become depressed if they are living alone and facing memory problems. Our community for memory care in Agoura Hills offers many activities and amenities that are ideal for your parent. There is sure to be something your parent will enjoy and will bring them happiness.


  1. If your parent expresses concern over his or her own memory issues and safety, it is time to take action. Although it can be challenging for a parent to make changes to their living arrangements, it may be the best thing to do for their own physical and mental wellbeing. We make the transition process easy. Our team of professionals will help your parent adjust to their new residence and provide them with the ideal level of memory care in Agoura Hills.


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memory care Agoura Hills

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