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Memory Village Kansas City

Memory Village Kansas City

Many families would wish to keep their senior loved ones with them at home, but this is not always possible. If your family member has dementia, they will have increased needs necessitating specialized care. Taking your loved one to a memory care facility is often the best decision for you and them.

At Maggie’s Place, we understand the reservations families have about leaving their loved ones in a nursing facility. That is why to make it easier for both parties: we’ve built a top-of-the-line memory village in Kansas City where dementia patients can receive unexcelled care.

6 Reasons to Trust Your Loved Ones with Us for Memory Care Support and Treatment

Entrusting your parent or grandparent to a Kansas City, KS memory care home can be hard, but you’ll have peace of mind if you choose the finest facility. Here are six reasons you should trust your loved one with us if you’re looking for the best memory care treatment in Kansas City:

  1. We Provide Specialized Care

Many assisted living facilities offer memory care without having trained staff specialized in caring for dementia patients. But at Maggie’s Place, we have skilled personnel who understand the ins and out of memory care. With us, you can rest assured your loved one will be under the care of experts who’re knowledgeable about their condition.

  1. Our Concept Promotes Quality of Life

Our facility is designed as a village, with five homes, each hosting 12 residents. The houses are located around a main street, creating a close neighborhood where our residents socialize and experience life in a home-like environment. Here, your loved one will not feel isolated, which is the case for many care homes for dementia in Kansas City, KS.

  1. We Have a Positive Approach to Memory Care

At Maggie's Place, we allow our guests to participate in daily activities, move around, and interact with others. This is contrary to what you’ll find in many assisted living communities, where residents with dementia are treated as people with zero independence and no say in their lives. We’ll treat your family member with the utmost respect and always prioritize their needs, preferences, and emotions.

  1. Access to Multiple Amenities

Our amenities include a clubhouse, exercise room, spa, library, crafts room, and family kitchen. Your loved one will have access to all these, allowing them to lead an active lifestyle. Access to such amenities in memory care is essential since they help residents de-stress.

  1. We Offer Round-the-Clock Care

The best memory care facilities in Kansas City, KS, provide round-the-clock care and support. At Maggie’s Place, your loved one will have access to specialized care and support 24/7.

  1. We Understand Your Situation

It’s hard for anyone to appreciate the challenges a primary caregiver goes through without experiencing them firsthand. Here, we understand you because we've also been through similar situations, caring for our senior family members with special needs. In the same way, we strived to get the perfect care for our close relatives; we’ll work hard to do the same for yours.

Unsurpassed Care for Your Loved One

As part of the 50 memory care facilities near Kansas City, our memory village in Kansas City is second to none. That is because we focus on providing the ultimate comfort, care, and support to our residents. Contact Maggie’s Place at Colonial Village to learn more about our services or tour our facilities: Phone: (913) 318-1880.

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