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Going for drug addiction treatment is a defining moment. It is where a person gets better or worse, depending on the rehab of choice. As such, it is vital to ask as many questions as possible before going to any rehab facility. If you’re looking for the top Orange County rehab centers, look no further. At New Start recovery, we provide a variety of comprehensive and holistic drug treatment protocols with the utmost professionalism. We have years of experience offering premier residential treatment program in Orange County and helping our guests achieve lasting sobriety.

5 Questions to Ask Any Orange County Drug/Alcohol Rehab Center That You Are Considering Attending

Asking the right questions before enrolling yourself or your loved one in rehab will help you narrow down the best addiction treatment centers in Orange County. Here are questions to ask before going to a rehab facility.

  1. Which Programs Do You Offer?

There is a wide range of drug treatment programs offered in different rehab centers. Each drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County uses various tools and approaches to help their patients achieve sobriety. It is essential to ask which programs a rehab center offers and how long they take. Also, find out whether their programs are for atheists or agnostics. These questions will help you determine if their services and beliefs align with your own and what you need.

  1. What Training Does Your Staff Have?

It’s imperative to ask how qualified the people who will care for you are. You should inquire about their credentials to make sure you are in the best hands. As one of the top-rated Orange County drug treatment centers, we have a team of licensed, certified, extensively experienced, and highly trained doctors, therapists, and medical professionals committed to helping you overcome addiction.

  1. Do You Offer Individualized Treatment Plans?

Everybody’s recovery process is different. Therefore, professional drug treatment providers can’t just put everyone in the same boat. Having a treatment plan specially tailored for you will help address your traumas and increase your chances of a successful recovery. At New Start Recovery, our team of experts will customize a treatment plan for you to make sure we address your unique needs.

  1. Is Nutrition Part of The Treatment Plan?

Nutrition is a big part of recovery. Most individuals with an addiction disorder have a problem eating at all, let alone eating healthy. It's essential to have someone ensure you eat regular, healthy, and nutritious meals during your recovery. At New Start Recovery, we have on-site chefs happy to take our clients’ requests. Our food is healthy, delicious, and professionally prepared to give our guests an extra touch of care.

  1. Do You Take Insurance?

The cost of drug addiction treatment can be quite costly. Therefore, it is important to inquire from your insurance provider whether they cover drug and alcohol addiction treatment. In the same vein, it is vital to confirm if your rehab of choice accepts payment from your insurance provider. At New Start Recovery, we accept most major PPO insurance companies like United Healthcare and Cigna.  

Premier Drug Treatment Services

Choosing the finest drug addiction treatment centers in Orange County, CA, goes a long way in helping you attain lasting sobriety. At New Start Recovery, we pride ourselves on our unbeaten services. If you're searching for a top Orange County rehab, contact New Start Recovery to get the help you need for yourself or your loved one, and you can verify your insurance on (855) 737-7363.

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