PHP Pasadena

PHP Pasadena

Initially referred to as day hospitals, PHPs were developed initially to help people with mental illness that needed to receive an intense level of treatment but could also benefit from being around, ordinary people. At Pax House Recovery, we are the leading providers of PHP in Pasadena.

What is PHP?

PHP (partial hospitalization program) is a substance abuse treatment program that provides the most intense level of care while not requiring the client to be an inpatient at the rehab facility.

Our addiction treatment for PHP in Pasadena enables you spending nights at home while receiving the most appropriate level of during the day with the option of going back home in the evening. This treatment method offers the best of both residential programs and IOP programs in that it provides you the comprehensive clinical benefits of a residential program while at the same time allowing them to enjoy the benefits of an IOP too.

Benefits of partial hospitalization programs

PHP treatments boast various benefits among them:

  • Clinical benefits – our PHP treatment options enable the client suffering from addiction receive the most intense, highest quality level of treatment possible. Our qualified staff works closely with the client to tackle the addiction and its underlying causes through continuous all daycare programs.
  • A change of scene – not everyone thrives in the overtly structured and hospitalized inpatient setting. PHP enables clients to enjoy an alternative to this, a more familiar environment in which they can be more comfortable.
  • Cost - addiction-related treatment is a costly affair, especially inpatient treatment. Our PHP treatment option offers the same intense level of treatment that inpatient clients get at a much lower price for those in need of the same but without the same financial muscle. Most of the health insurance plans we accept at our rehab facility cover the costs of this program and for a more extended period.

Is PHP the right treatment option for me?

This generally depends on the severity of your addiction. At our rehab, we work closely with the client to determine whether this is the right cause of treatment for their long term well-being. Depending on your level of addiction and unique needs, we will conduct a customized assessment offering you enough information on the available treatment options available to you, i.e:

  • IOP treatment – this treatment option does not disrupt your normal routine. It allows you to seek treatment at your convenience, continuing with your normal day to day activities.
  • Inpatient treatment – in this program, you voluntarily move from your usual environment and enter our treatment facility, which offers a comfortable, serene home setting where you can entirely focus on recovery.
  • PHP treatment – during the day you get to your treatments and programs at the rehab center and go back home at the end of the day.

Once we determine this is the best course of action for you, we will customize a treatment plan that will best get you to addiction recovery success. At Pax House Recovery, we offer the best PHP in Pasadena, ideal for a fast recovery and long-lasting benefits.

PHP Pasadena

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