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Respite Care Omaha

Respite Care Omaha

Caregiving can be quite demanding, making it hard to get the breaks you require both physically and mentally. As such, taking frequent breaks from caring is essential for your health and overall wellbeing. Respite care is getting replacement care for the loved one you look after so they are supported as you take a break.

At Via Christe, our respite care in Omaha allows you to have a break from your caregiving responsibilities. With us, your close family member will be in the hands of an experienced, trained, compassionate, and trusted staff member.

Respite Care

There are different respite care types in Omaha, Nebraska, including:

  • Home care – A professional caregiver comes into your home to provide care. This minimizes the disruption of daily routine for your close family member.
  • Residential respite – Your loved one receives nursing care in Omaha, NE, or is cared for in a residential home.
  • Daycare center – A trip to the center enables your loved one to participate in enjoyable activities and socialize before returning home at the end of the day.

Benefits of Respite Care for Caregivers

Some of the top benefits caregivers get when they take advantage of respite care are:

  • Gives you Time for Self-Care

It is easy to forget yourself when caring for someone else. However, you still need to work on your personal goals and go for routine physician visits for your health and wellness. With senior care services in Omaha, Nebraska, you can find the time to decompress and visit your doctor.

  • Eases Tension

Devoting so much of your finances and time to care for a loved one can lead to feelings of frustration and resentment, even if you wouldn't want that to be the case. But by enlisting the services of a respite caregiver, you spend time regrouping and reviving your spirits, enabling you to come back rejuvenated and re-energized.

Benefits of Respite Care for Older Adults

The benefits of respite care services in Omaha, NE for seniors are:

  • Catch Symptoms Early

It becomes hard to notice new symptoms when you’re staying with your loved one every day. Respite caregivers might only see your close family member a couple of times a month, making it easier for them to catch new symptoms early, which is crucial for timely treatment.

  • Safety

Leaving your close family member alone, even for a short while as you handle other things, can increase the likelihood of an accident. In your absence, your loved one will still be closely monitored by a professional caregiver, ensuring their safety.

Why Us?

At Via Christe, all our respite care professionals are thoroughly interviewed, background checked and screened before any contact with our clients. Besides providing adequate training and supervision, we also carefully match each client with a caregiver that suits their personal preference and expectations. In addition, our respite care cost in Omaha is affordable. So as a caregiver, you’ll have peace of mind as you take a break from your everyday responsibilities.

You’re with Family at Via Christe

Caring for a close family is no small feat. The role of a caregiver requires great sacrifice for the person you love. That is why from time to time, you deserve to rest and renew your energy. Our respite care in Omaha provides that relief, enabling you to take some much-needed break, whether it's some alone time or going away on holiday with your friends. All the while, you're guaranteed that your loved one is in capable hands. Contact Via Christe Assisted Living Community. Learn more: 402-551-5557. Take a virtual tour: Contact us online:

Respite Care Omaha
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