“Start Your Journey To Recovery.”

Marcia Burnett

Thank you for starting your journey to recovery at Pax House.

My husband Jim and I founded Pax House over five years ago to help others overcome the powerful addiction of drugs and alcohol. I have over 20 years of personal sobriety, and Jim has been helping addicts recover since 2001. Together, we continue our passion for 12-step recovery. We believe there is nothing as powerful and inspiring than watching a person whose life has been ravaged by the disease of addiction, transform into a hopeful, responsible, grateful, productive individual who becomes reunited with their family and their authentic self.

Call us anytime at (888) 822-2279. An experienced member of our team will answer all of your questions and make sure we start you or a loved one on the journey to recovery. I assure you that your call will be treated confidentially.

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