Addiction hurts

Have you been feeling like you are losing your loved one to addiction?

Are you constantly checking on them, worrying about them, trying to come up with “the right things to say” that will make the change you so desperately want for their lives?

Are you having to make excuses to others for the behavior of your loved one?

Addiction is a process that can destroy all the lives it touches. Sometimes it happens quickly but more often than not it happens so gradually, that family members don’t recognize the changes in themselves and their loved one until the disease has taken hold.

By the time loved ones reach out for help often the family/relationship with the active addict/alcoholic has grown to be destructive not only for the person who is abusing the substance, but for the loved one too, often struggling with worry, anxiety and hopelessness, and feeling that they are enabling the user rather than helping them. It’s like a losing battle.

We understand because we’ve been there. We’re here to help you intervene and not only understand your part but achieve what you alone cannot: the healthy return of a productive life for you and your loved one.

Call now for a completely confidential conversation about your situation. We are here to help.

How can I help my loved one?

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How can I help my loved one commit to treatment?

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What are the chances for success for my loved one and our family?

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What can I be doing while my loved one is in treatment to help him stay sober when he returns?

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How do I pay for treatment?

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