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Some people do not need residential treatment but could still benefit from more intensive treatment than weekly therapy sessions or group support meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous. This is where an intensive outpatient program works perfectly. Many of our patients find our outpatient program beneficial as a step-down treatment program after they have completed our residential program. They continue to receive the support and education they need to succeed but can live at home or in one of our sober living facilities.

The Benefits of an Intensive Outpatient Program

An outpatient program includes many of the facets of a residential program but allows a person to maintain their residence at home. Depending on the time required for the program, they can often continue to work and live their normal life while receiving the necessary treatment. Outpatient programs work well for people who cannot commit to leaving their jobs or other aspects of their life to stay in a residential program. Additionally, they provide the perfect bridge between a residential program and returning to life at home. The transition from an intensive residential program where a person has a structured schedule, 24-hour monitoring, and is surrounded by supportive staff and peers to returning to a home environment that includes many of the pressures and triggers that led to the development of the disorder can be difficult. If a person does not have the proper support system and relapse prevention plan, then he or she is at a high risk of relapse. An outpatient program provides the continued support so that a person can practice the new-found skills in their normal environment while still having a place to go and discuss the hurdles they are encountering. Although many of the people in our Pasadena outpatient program are clients looking for a continuum of care, it is not necessary to undergo our residential treatment program to enroll in our outpatient program in Pasadena.

What is offered at our Pasadena Outpatient Program?

The exact outpatient treatment program will change depending on the person and the situation. We believe in creating individualized programs that address the specific situation and need of each client. However, our outpatient program includes many of the same aspects as our residential program, without the full-time commitment. Clients have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one counseling, process groups, family groups, and education groups. They can focus on just the particular areas on which they still need to focus, especially if they have already completed a residential program. At Pax House, we also offer sober living residences, which many people in our outpatient program find beneficial. These are living situations in which newly sober people live together. There are no alcohol or drugs allowed on the property, but otherwise, there is minimal supervision. It provides a stepping-stone between 24-hour monitoring and care from a residential facility to living by oneself or returning home. The residents provide support to one another, especially as they are all undergoing a similar transition. They can talk about difficulties or solutions, and hold one another accountable.

Choosing Between Residential and Outpatient Treatment

If you are looking to initiate treatment, it can be difficult to decide between residential or outpatient treatment. The majority of people get the most benefit from beginning with residential treatment and then moving to outpatient treatment. However, some people cannot take the time nor have the budget to enroll in a residential treatment program. In this instance, initiating treatment with an intensive outpatient program, such as the one at Pax House, will offer many of the same support mechanisms and educational tools to build a foundation for lifelong sobriety. If you are unsure of the appropriate level of care for your situation, you can call our admissions team at (626) 398-3897 and discuss your circumstances. They will help you decide upon the appropriate path for you or your loved one.

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