Addiction Treatment Programs at Pax House

Pax House Recovery provides a home-like environment for undergoing detox and residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in Pasadena, LA. We offer a highly structured schedule that includes the best treatment methods to help our clients understand their disease and learn how to overcome it. Our comprehensive program utilizes a holistic approach that includes individual therapy, process groups, education groups, family groups, 12-step meetings, and complementary, alternative therapeutic activities, such as yoga, meditation, music therapy, and art therapy.

Individual and Group Sessions

Individual counseling acts as the foundation for our program. Clients work with Counselors to create an individual treatment program that addresses their unique needs. The group sessions reinforce what is learned during the individual counseling while also providing supportive feedback from peers. Pax House Recovery believes in the 12-step method, with clients attending meetings on a daily basis.

Alumni and Aftercare Programs

At Pax House Recovery, we also have Alumni and Aftercare programs to offer continued support for our clients in their journey to recovery. We recognize that alcoholism and drug addiction are incurable diseases, but affirm that they can be managed with the right set of skills and knowledge. We work to impart these tools and resources to our clients so they can live a life without drugs and alcohol.

Our Pasadena Treatment Program Services

The Best in Southern California Addiction Treatment

In addition to our residential program, we also offer detoxification, as well as outpatient and sober living services. Detoxification is an important first step in the journey to recovery, and addicts often need professional support during this process. Outpatient services provide additional intensive treatment and support during the transition home. Sober living facilities offer a safe, substance free environment that helps a recovering addict transition from residential treatment to their homes. Additional reading: find out more about our substance abuse treatment programs. Many clients take advantage of all our programs for a continuum of care. We pride ourselves on being able to address any phase where there is a client need.

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