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At Pax House, our treatment programs include group therapy in the form of both process groups and group psycho-educational therapy. Psycho-educational groups, also known just as ‘educational groups,’ differ from process groups in that they are more focused on imparting information, skills and techniques rather than providing a space for personal exploration and self-understanding. At Pax House, we want to provide our clients with all the education, tools, skills and techniques they need to fully comprehend and overcome their addiction. Therefore, educational groups play an important role in the structured schedule of our program.

What are Educational Groups? How Can It Help Addiction?

Educational groups are sessions that focus on a specific component of treatment, such as addiction, anger management, relapse prevention, conflict resolution, and more. The focus of these groups is to empower clients to understand their disease and develop an effective strategy for managing it and having a sober life. Educational groups provide personal management and coping skills so that a person can also increase their chances of managing their illness on their own once they leave treatment. The skills acquired can be critical to preventing relapse. The most important components of educational groups are information transfer, emotional discharge, support of psychotherapeutic treatment, and assistance for self-help. Educational groups are more structured than process groups, as the leader of the group will convey or “transfer” important information about the disease, including the symptoms, causes, treatment components, relapse prevention, and more. There is a space for interaction and discussing problems and concerns with others to help to manage the emotional aspect of the disease, which promotes emotional discharge. Often, what is learned in individual counseling sessions will support the educational groups and vice versa. These groups provide the path to self-sufficiency in dealing with and managing the condition, facilitating self-help.

Group Addiction Education at Our Pasadena Drug Treatment Center

At Pax House, we believe that educational groups play an important role in addiction treatment and overall healing. An educational group imparts the necessary information and skills to overcome addiction, as well as providing a safe space to share experiences and mutual support with those undergoing a similar situation. It is another component of a supportive social network that promotes the overall healing of our clients. Additionally, some of the specialized groups can address certain issues or triggers that led to the development of addiction. By understanding these issues and learning healthy coping mechanisms, an individual will have better ways of responding to them when they return home. We have several educational groups at Pax House. When a client starts treatment, the client and their counselor will create an individualized treatment plan that includes several educational groups, depending on the situation and particular issues the client faces. Some of our educational groups include addiction information, relapse prevention, anger management, disease concept, co-occurring disorders, 12-step book studies, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Although our educational groups are more structured than our process groups, they still create an interactive environment that facilitates discussion. Licensed therapists or counselors are present, and clients have plenty of opportunities to ask questions or share and receive feedback.

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