If you have tried dealing with drug addiction on your own, you’ve already seen it’s almost impossible. The most effective way to overcome withdrawal, prevent relapse and live a sober life is with the help of specialists. At Pax House Recovery you will find people concerned about your wellbeing, ready to change your life for good.

We have developed effective programs of drug detox in Pasadena, focusing on multiple aspects of addiction. We treat drug addiction just as we would treat any other mental disorder, with some extra steps involved. Despite the symptoms of the disorder being treatable with proper medication, its more severe repercussions require a more carefully-planned approach.

This is what makes us unique compared to other rehab institutions. We don’t treat a disease, but a person. Our approach relies on multidisciplinary procedures, aiming to restore your functionality as a healthy individual. We will help you retrieve everything that drug addiction has stolen from you. Here we include:

  • Mental health – Narcotics and opioids have the terrible reputation of altering your mental health drastically. In many cases, they will cause psychological problems in time, while in others they will worsen the pre-existent ones. Our Dual-Diagnosis treatment focuses on controlling and treating these issues throughout the program. It’s of vital importance to do so since it prevents you from relapsing after the program’s completion.
  • Emotional stability – Psychological problems like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or even emotional trauma, may affect your long-term recovery. Childhood abuse or more recent dramatic events may have changed your emotional integrity. We are interested in identifying the link between these situations and your current emotional state. At our drug detox in Pasadena, we use many therapies, counseling sessions, and support group meetings to help you overcome your problems.
  • Social interactions – Severe addiction may lead to paranoia and social seclusion. Our treatments rely on the idea that social interactions will provide you with numerous psychological benefits. Over time, we have constructed a number of programs to address the problem. We have various group activities you will participate in like art and music therapies, 12-Step Integration Program, physical conditioning, and group counseling. Combined, these activities will help you become more socially active and more extroverted.
  • Personal skills – Learning how to live a life of sobriety is overwhelming for some of our patients. In our facilities, we use a variety of methods to help you adapt to a drug-free lifestyle. The Sober Living program will provide you with a relaxing, home-like environment where you can recover in peace. Also, we’ve built a Vocational Program, based on helping our patients develop life skills and learn how to cope with relapse.

Our programs of drug detox in Pasadena are your best chance of leaving addiction behind for the rest of your life. Whatever you may have heard, drug addiction is not an incurable disorder. With our help, you can grow out of it.

You will receive all the top care and support you need at our facilities in Pasadena. Come to Pax House Recovery, and let’s start building your new life!

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