If you have lost hope of ever recovering from drug addiction, we are here to revive it for you. Pax House Recovery is an institution with a rich history behind it. We are experienced professionals with one goal alone – free you from drug addiction. Our programs of drug rehab in Pasadena CA rank among the best in the industry. Compared to other healthcare professionals and rehab institutions, we approach the situation differently. The things that separate us from the crowd include:

  • Top medical and psychological procedures
  • Patient-oriented programs
  • Superb headquarters, providing you with comfort, security, and peace
  • Treatments and therapies focusing on efficiency
  • Using modern technologies for the best results
  • Offering a friendly environment for healing and recovering

These are our best assets, and we’ve used them to help countless people over time. We know how difficult it is to battle aggressive drug addiction, especially in the initial stages. The relapse is the real danger all patients struggle with, and most of them lose the battle. Not anymore. Your salvation is here! Our programs build the most modern and complex methodology in the industry. We use an efficiency-based approach which combines multiple high-end rehab procedures. Some of the most popular include:

  • Detoxification and Dual-Diagnosis Treatment – When you arrive at our center, the first thing we do is investigate your condition. Our specialists will analyze your physical and mental state and draw the treatment plan depending on the findings. The initial stage involves aggressive medication to control withdrawal and treat any co-occurring disorders you might experience.
  • Art and Music Therapy – Nothing helps you fight drug addiction better than a healthy, life-infused spirit. Our art therapy will help you express your feelings in a personal, artistic manner, while music is the way of setting your emotions free. Our therapeutic programs of drug rehab in Pasadena CA focus on reviving your sense of joy and intense psychological pleasure.
  • Family Group Therapy – Treating you is treating the entire family. We provide therapy sessions teaching your family how to cope with early recovery and how to support you throughout the process. Dysfunctional families serve as a breeding ground for negative emotions and may play a role in triggering the relapse. Our goal is to eliminate that risk.
  • Physical conditioning – Few things are more effective at treating a wounded spirit than some old-fashioned physical exercising in modern terms. Our trainers will help you spend your energy, enjoy the endorphins, and start loving life once more.
  • Relapse prevention – Although relapse is a crude reality of the recovery process, our goal is to minimize its impact completely. In time, you won’t even feel the urge to take drugs anymore. We use specific procedures and therapy sessions to ensure it.

Our programs of drug rehab in Pasadena CA regularly help hundreds put their lives in order. You can be one of them. Come to our center, at Pax House Recovery, and we’ll show you how beautiful life can be. Drug addiction is just a phase, and we can help you overcome it.

Request a call now. Save your life today.