Pasadena Rehab: A Few Things to Know

What was the first thing that you thought of when you woke up today? If your first thought was about whether or not you had enough drugs for the day, you could be an addict. We don’t mean this as an indictment. Addiction is not a sign of weakness or immorality. Addiction is a true medical condition that can be successfully treated at a qualified and compassionate Pasadena rehab facility.

Are you addicted?

Medical professionals refer to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) which delineates a number of clinical criteria that are shared among all addicts and alcoholics. In a nutshell, these criteria are described as follows:

1. Tolerance

If you drink or take drugs every day, you will eventually require more and more of the substance to achieve the same “high,” “buzz” or other effects that you used to feel with far less. You may up your intake as your addiction grows.

2. Withdrawal

Virtually anyone who is habituated to drinking or drugging will experience uncomfortable feelings if and when they don’t have a certain substance in their system. Signs of withdrawal may include headache, restlessness, nausea and tremors. Some of these symptoms can be hazardous to one’s health.

3. You want to cut down but can’t

Addicts often recognize that they drink or drug too much but can’t seem to stop themselves. Once someone is habituated to alcohol or addictive drugs, stopping suddenly can make them sick. That’s why it’s so important to get help at a licensed Pasadena rehab.

4. Obsession

Addicts spent more than a reasonable amount of time thinking about substances and how to obtain them. An addict or alcoholic may abandon other pursuits to the detriment of their social and work life. Time spent with bartenders and drug dealers may eventually replace time invested in friends and family members.

5. Continued use despite known risks

When someone’s body and mind are accustomed to the constant presence of a substance, they will keep on using no matter how awful the consequences. Of all the hallmarks of addiction, this one may be the hardest to overcome. A therapist at a private Pasadena rehab facility may help the addicted person come to terms with the source of their drinking or drugging habit. Peer group counseling, 12-step recovery techniques and other therapies available at a qualified rehab can be of immeasurable benefit to recovering addicts and their families, too.

Who can diagnose addiction or alcoholism?

  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Social worker
  • Alcohol or drug counselor
  • Family doctor or primary physician
  • Mental health professional

If you think that drugs or alcohol (or both) are controlling your life, your self-assessment is enough to warrant a chat with a counselor at a compassionate and confidential Pasadena rehab. Pax House is conveniently located at 460 E Sacramento St. in Altadena CA. If you live in Pasadena, rehab is only a few minutes away. For a private consultation, you are invited to dial (877) 837-3191 right away.

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