Have you been struggling with substance addiction? Now you have someone by your side. At Pax House Recovery, we’ve made a goal out of helping people overcome their problems with substance addiction. Resorting to self-medication only worsens the condition.

Our programs of drug and alcohol rehab in Pasadena, CA have helped numerous victims of addiction adopt a healthier lifestyle and leave drugs behind for good. We owe our success to the top technologies and modern programs that we’ve adopted and polished over the years. We understand you might believe you have reached the end of the road, but we promise you-you haven’t.

In fact, this is where your real life begins. Our professionals will be by your side at all times, making sure you will fully recover from the physical and psychological addiction. We will achieve this using a variety of procedures, including:

  • Clinical detoxification to control withdrawal and treat co-occurring disorders
  • Address emotional traumas
  • Correct behavioral problems
  • Treat psychological disorders with medication and innovative therapies
  • Prevent relapse and help you develop coping mechanisms

These programs represent the embodiment of decades of research and countless studies and will guarantee the success of our rehab. The vital thing you should do is act as soon as possible. Contact us and let’s get things going! When it comes to drug or alcohol abuse, you have no time to lose.

What you should expect

Finding a leading rehab institution to take care of you is more difficult than it might seem. Not all service providers operate according to the same standards. So, when it comes to professional substance rehab in Pasadena, CA, you might be wondering what benefits to expect. We will focus all our efforts to help you:

  • Control your cravings and overcome withdrawal – Withdrawal is every patient’s nightmare since it’s what prevents quitting substance abuse. This is why we will focus our attention towards eliminating withdrawal symptoms over several days of intense medication.
  • Alleviate and treat mental disorders – Many of our patients show signs of co-occurring disorders, either caused by addiction or worsened by it. You may have developed several mental problems without even knowing it. Our specialists will diagnose and address every issue that they’ll be able to identify. It will make a massive difference in speeding your recovery.
  • Mend emotional traumas – If you struggle with emotional problems, it may be what’s holding you back from overcoming the substance abuse. Our therapeutic approaches consist of group, family meetings, and holistic sessions, where we focus on that aspect exclusively.
  • Learn how to live as a sober individual – Becoming sober is relatively easy in a controlled environment. Remaining sober for good is the problematic part. Our experts will support you in adopting a healthier lifestyle and a more positive mindset to help you over the years.

Our programs of rehab in Pasadena, CA, use a patient-oriented approach, which is one of the reasons why they’re so popular. Come to Pax House Recovery and start your new life as a happy, free, and sober individual!

Request a call now. Save your life today.