Residential Inpatient Drug Rehab

Substance abuse and addiction are complex conditions requiring professional help. While addiction is a lifelong disease, it can be managed with the right tools and knowledge. At Pax House, we educate our clients about the disease and offer a comprehensive treatment program that imparts skills and techniques for remaining sober.

Why Choose Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment provides intensive treatment for substance abuse and addiction with 24-hour monitoring and care. The Pax House Program is highly structured. Recovering addicts follow a regular schedule and learn the positive benefits of routine in sobriety. The treatment is intensive, and their days are filled with individual and group counseling, education groups, therapeutic activities, and daily 12-step meetings. Our facilities are entirely drug and alcohol free to ensure clients remain sober during the most challenging stages of early recovery. By leaving home and taking the time to enroll in residential treatment, a person has the time to really focus on their problem away from the triggers, and stressors of old environments that contributed to their addiction formation. Immersed in a new setting, they can stop their abuse of the substance, and learn how to be sober and remain sober.  At Pax House, we offer 30, 60, and 90-day treatment options. The length of stay is dependent upon the client and the situation.

What is included with a Residential Inpatient Program?

Counseling Services

The Pax House Program is individualized to each client’s needs, but the main treatment components remain the same. The first step in our program, if necessary, is detox. The foundation of the program is the individual counseling sessions. During an initial session with the counselor, the client and counselor will formulate an individualized treatment program that addresses the client’s particular needs. During treatment, the client will meet with their counselor on a weekly basis to discuss issues that have arisen during treatment, as well as to process specific assignments.

Group Activities

Groups play a significant role in the treatment program. At Pax House, there are a few different types of groups, including process, educational, and family groups. Process groups focus on addressing various shared issues, such as self-esteem, anger management, or trauma, in a group setting with others undergoing a similar experience. Clients receive supportive feedback from their peers and have a safe environment in which to share and process certain feelings and emotions. A counselor advises the group. Education groups differ in that the main focus is to teach clients about the alcoholism and addiction. It is done in an interactive setting where clients can ask questions and discuss certain issues. Family groups include the family members of the clients, and issues related to family dynamics are addressed.

Additional Activities

Residential treatments at our facility also includes daily 12-Step meetings and alternative therapeutic activities such as yoga, meditation, music therapy and art therapy. There is also the opportunity to engage in physical fitness at a local gym. Clients have the opportunity to participate in safe, fun, and sober activities such as hiking, bowling, or other activities. During off-campus activities, the residents have an opportunity to practice their newly learned skills while having the support of staff members. This helps them transition to living a life without drugs and alcohol.

The Amenities

Our comfortable facilities provide a relaxing atmosphere in which to address the underlying issues that contributed to the development of an addiction. The beautiful surroundings of the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Altadena, California provide the perfect atmosphere for healing. Clients take pleasure in eating healthy meals prepared by our resident chef (from Le Cordon Bleu) three times a day.

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