Alcohol Detox Facilities in California

Pax House Recovery Offering Alcohol Detox Facilities in California

One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is the alcoholic’s insistent denial that they even have a problem.  Loved ones watch alcohol abuse take a brutal toll on the alcoholic family member, and keep hoping for that day when he or she will admit they need help.  Sadly, many struggling with alcohol dependence may perish before they ever admit the need for treatment, which is why it is so important to keep the door open to support and love.

There may be some valid concerns the alcoholic has that are creating roadblocks to getting treatment.  If loved ones can have that conversation, asking their alcoholic family member what might be standing in the way of treatment, they may be surprised to learn that these concerns can be successfully addressed.  These concerns may be related to family responsibilities they need to cover, taking extended time off work and the loss of pay, stigma related to the discovery of being in rehab, or the expense of detox and treatment.  These hurdles to treatment can be overcome, allowing your loved one to enter one of the quality alcohol detox facilities in California for the first step of recovery.

Pushing Past the Roadblocks to Treatment

Friends and family members often bear the brunt of their alcohol loved one’s resistance to getting help for their disease.  The sheer frustration they feel is understandable, with the constant fallout caused by the alcohol abuse impacting family members directly.  This frustration can lead to ramped up emotions and displays of anger.  It is hard for the loved one to watch as the alcoholic’s life comes crashing down, so it is natural to use harsh language to try to get through to them.  Natural, yes, but the shouting at or laying guilt trips on an alcoholic will ultimately do little to move them into taking action.  Indeed, it may even have the opposite effect, causing them to dig in their heels and remain stubbornly in denial.

Try taking a more pragmatic approach instead.  Tell him or her that you are there for them when they are ready.  A calm conversation at the right time can yield clues to the issues that stand in the way of their getting help.  They may need guidance on how to approach their supervisor at work or how to undertake the procedures at H.R.  They may worry that their child will not have after school supervision or a way to get to school if they are in rehab.  They may assume they have no insurance coverage or ability to fund treatment.  Once these concerns are shared, there is a good chance you can offer resolutions that will result in your loved one getting into treatment.

What to Expect in the Alcohol Detox Facilities in California

Once someone decides to get help for an alcohol addiction they must first undergo the detox and withdrawal stage.  For an alcoholic, detox can present certain medical difficulties, which necessitates one of the dedicated alcohol detox facilities in California that offer a medically monitored program.  These medical detox programs are equipped to offer the medical response to a rare, but potentially dangerous, withdrawal symptom called the delirium tremens (DTs). 

In addition to the constant monitoring of vital signs and changes in withdrawal symptoms, the detox professionals provide the individual with various medicinal interventions that go a long way in reducing much of the discomfort of detox.  Medications to treat nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, headache, anxiety, insomnia, and cravings can all help usher the individual through the week long detox and into active treatment that can literally save their life.

Pax House Recovery One of the Premier Alcohol Detox Facilities in California

Pax House Recovery is a residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment program based in Los Angeles, California.  Pax House Recovery strives to provide a supportive and inviting space for individuals seeking to overcome an alcohol addiction or dependency.  The detox and withdrawal process is carefully supervised and withdrawal symptoms are controlled by medical interventions provided by a caring and compassionate detox staff.  For more information about our detox program and the following rehabilitation program, please contact Pax House Recovery today at (888) 572-1724.

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