How to Deal with the Anxiety of Detox

Addiction is a very common term. When we hear the word addiction, we immediately think of alcohol, drugs, nicotine, or gambling. But the word addiction actually means our actions regarding the aforementioned things. Addiction is the compulsive act of continuing using things to gain pleasure, but the compulsive acts interfere with daily life. It interferes with our ability to meet commitments and be financially responsible. Addiction of any kind can destroy not only your well-being—but that of your family and friends. When addiction has gotten to this point, it’s best to seek help in detoxing and gaining success in recovery. This article will cover detoxing from drugs and alcohol, and what to expect when going through the detox process.

Why Detox is Necessary When Quitting Drugs and Alcohol

Detoxing is a vital step on the road to recovery. Detox is the physical phase of removing any drugs or alcohol from your system and should be done with medical advice. It can be dangerous, and it is a difficult stage to go through. sober living home in pasadena, such as Pax House, are there to help you through this physical stage.

How Does Anxiety Play a Role in Detoxing

In addition to physical withdrawal, you’ll also experience emotional withdrawal from your drug of choice. These symptoms include (but aren’t limited to) irritability, social isolation, and anxiety. Drugs and alcohol cause anxiety through physical changes it creates in your nervous system. Emotionally withdrawing from them will cause anxiety in that you now need to rebuild your coping skills for life without drugs and alcohol. Although these are natural responses to the changes you’re going through, a treatment center will teach you ways to deal with it safely.

What to Really Expect During the Detox Process

The thought of entering in an alcohol or drug detox program can be frightening, but you should feel just the opposite. You will be able to experience and learn many life-long beneficial skills to help you maintain sobriety. Some of the things you can expect to experience during your detox process include:

Medical Assessment. A medical–or intake–assessment will be done when you check into a detox treatment center. This is done to determine your overall health and the severity of your addiction. After your assessment, it will be decided if you need any type of medications during your initial detox. It will also be decided if you should slowly be weaned off your drug of choice. Withdrawing too quickly can be dangerous. During this time, you may be provided with information on improving your diet or taking vitamin supplements to help you stay healthy.

Physical Detox. A major step towards recovery is completing the physical detoxification from your drug of choice. Detox entails several days of physical discomfort. Your body will be adjusting to not depending on drugs or alcohol and no longer having them in your system. Depending on the severity of your addiction, this could include detoxing slowly, or the using medications to help your body adjust in a safe way. By doing your detox in a treatment center, you’re guaranteed 24-hour supervision to ensure your well-being.

Therapies and Counseling. Even while you’re going through physical detox, you will be encouraged to attend meetings and counseling at the treatment center. There will be other activities offered to you to partake in. These activities, meetings and counseling sessions will help you realize you are not alone in your journey. You will be offered information on 12-Step programs and counseling programs outside of the treatment center. Some of these counseling sessions are geared specifically towards addiction, while others cover stress management, family counseling, and training in life skills. During your time in detox, it’s important to concentrate on your physical withdrawal, but also to be aware these sessions and meetings are available.

Completing a detox program assists you through what are sure to be the most difficult times on your way to recovery and sobriety from substance abuse.

Get Help Today at Our Pasadena Drug Treatment Center

As you can see, partaking in a drug recovery program in Pasadena is a wise choice to help you on your road to recovery. You’ll have a greater success rate by healing yourself, physically, emotionally and mentally. PaxHouse offers you a personalized program and offers 30, 60, or 90-day treatments depending on the severity of your addition. All your physical needs for detoxing are met by experienced, medical staff.

Getting full support during your detox will help you gain all the necessary tools for a successful journey into recovery.

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