Before you check into rehab in Pasadena, there are a few facts of which you ought to be aware. In-house rehabilitation is for those who wish to manage a troubling medical condition. That’s right. Drug and alcohol are real medical conditions that can be managed with counseling and other proven therapies. But, you have to make the first move toward taking back your life.

If you choose to deal with your addiction and finally get well, Pax House Recovery can help. We offer a range of healing modalities in a safe and structured environment. If you think that enrolling in inpatient rehab is like checking into a hospital, please think again. At Pax House, we treat our clients as if they were guests at an upscale hotel. Our whole person approach to rehab in Pasadena has helped many good people kick bad habits, and we can help you, too. At Pax House, we offer a firm foundation in the Twelve Steps as described by Alcoholics Anonymous. In addition to that, we also provide a range of treatments and therapies that can make rehab in Pasadena a positive and effective experience.

Music Therapy

Based on clinically proven, evidence-based utilization of instrumental music as well as familiar songs, Music Therapy may positively impact persons who are on the road to wellness. Shown to be effective in some educational and healthcare situations, Music Therapy can be an integral part of rehab in Pasadena or anywhere. According to the American Music Therapy Association, music benefits rehab clients ways that include:

  • Improving personal wellness
  • Stress management
  • Emotional healing
  • Lessening of anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Memory enhancement
  • Improved communication
  • Expression of difficult emotions
  • Overcoming emotional triggers
  • Relief from loneliness

Individual Counseling

Talk therapy can go a long way toward helping the alcoholic or drug addict get to the root of their problem. Sometimes, a compassionate ear is just the thing that’s needed to help someone understand -and overcome- a troubling drug or drinking habit. A skilled psychotherapist can help the client address the sorts of mental health issues that exacerbate addiction. Trauma, accidents, death, and divorce can have a negative impact on anyone. Pax House offers individual psychotherapy as part of our rehab in Pasadena.

Art Therapy

People tell us that Pax House is one of the nicest rehabs in Pasadena, and one of the reasons is because we offer Art Therapy programs that work. Visual arts therapy is typically done in a quiet and serene space where rehab guests create with their hands and heart. Led by a certified art therapist, this healing modality may include watercolors, clay, pen and ink drawing and making collages while listening to meditative music. Studies show that artistic expression can be an excellent component of rehab in Pasadena.

When you’re ready to express your emotions healthily while overcoming excessive drinking or drugging, please talk with someone at Pax House Recovery. Call (877)837-3191.

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