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Knowing When to Call a Drug Rehab Center

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Drug Rehab CenterThe decision to leave behind a lifestyle ruled by substance abuse and addiction is not one to be taken lightly. Recovery requires leaving behind everything you know and rebuilding your life. A drug rehab center offers the best hope for doing that.

A peaceful setting, evidence-based treatment, and a compassionate staff make Pax House an important part of your journey. Drug treatment centers like Pax House help you recover from illegal or prescription pill addiction.


Detoxing at a Drug Rehab Center

A long-term period of substance abuse has likely caused havoc on your body. After months or years of consuming illegal or prescription drugs, your body adjusted accordingly. Going without these chemicals can cause unpleasant, and sometimes even dangerous side-effects. Consequently, the temptation to resume use to alleviate the pain can be unyielding. Making this time as comfortable and safe as possible can make a huge difference. It is important to get your recovery off to a good start.

Counseling for Drug Addiction

Once you are deemed stable enough, then the work of recovery begins. Underneath your addiction, there might be a mental illness or trauma you have been trying to repress. Therapy is a central part of getting to the core of your substance abuse. At Pax House, licensed therapists help give you the tools to regain your life.

  • They teach mindfulness to feel more connected in the present.
  • Also, they help with cognitive-behavioral techniques to gain more control over your thoughts and actions.
  • They lead music and art therapy to expand your ability to express your mind and emotions.

Group therapy, process groups facilitated by a therapist, and peer-led 12 step meetings, help you feel less alone. It is there you connect with other people who are experiencing your same struggles.

Care for Physical Health

With substance abuse, you have spent a long time neglecting and abusing your body, and your health has doubtlessly suffered. Taking care of your physical conditioning is an important part of restoring your health, so you can get the most out of life. Aside from direct benefits to your health, exercise can also be a major mood-booster that can produce endorphins naturally. This helps strengthen your resolve to remain sober. Our holistic treatment program emphasizes training and a lot of different activities to help you gain strength

Education and Relapse Prevention

Your 30, 60, or 90-day stay at Pax House is only the first step in remaining sober and committed to recovery. If you go back to old habits, then it will be very easy to relapse once you leave the safety of inpatient rehab and return to the stresses of daily living. To help with this, Pax House has a variety of resources to set you up for long-term success in your recovery.

  • Guidance in a relapse prevention strategy – thinking about what may trigger your cravings, and how you can respond in a positive way.
  • Family groups – supervised discussions with family where you can start to make amends and restore relationships with your loved ones, and allow family members to learn how to best support you.
  • Group education – classes on a variety of issues focusing on a component of holistic recovery, including anger management, emotional processing, and other problems that can contribute to your full thriving.
  • Legal advocacy that can help present legal advice in negotiating the court system and reduce stress.
  • Vocational programs that can help you train for or get a job, and build life skills.
  • Sober living – a more long-term and less supervised opportunity to practice building life skills alongside other people committed to remaining clean.

Do you or a loved one suffer from the debilitating effects of drug addiction? You may need to seek help at a drug rehab center. Contact any of our caring staff and let us show you how to regain your life.

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