Sober Living in Pasadena California

A Sober Living Facility in Pasadena California

Although deeply transformational, the short time you spend in a drug rehab center is only the beginning, not the end, of recovery. Sober living is a decision you make every single day. Furthermore, a full recovery is not just refraining from substance use, but it’s being empowered to make choices that cause you to thrive.

Sober Living in Pasadena CaliforniaFor many people, sober living offers a very helpful transition between residential care and returning to a normal life. In a sober living facility, you are given less care and more independence than in full-time residential care. However, you still have access to resources that support you as you work out your life after treatment. Pax House provides you with options for sober living in its comfortable and homey settings in Pasadena.

Sober Living Requires Boundaries

For many in early recovery, it can be very tempting to slip back into old patterns. Facing the stresses of everyday life and make relapses likely. Standards of behavior and the help of trained professionals give you further support. They help you maintain your sober living and put your new life skills into practice.

In Pax House’s residential care, much of your day will be strictly regulated and monitored. This supervision feels confining at first. However, it removes all distractions and helps you keep your focus exclusively on getting better. Sober living is a much lower level of direct supervision. During the day, you will have the opportunity to participate in school, work, or outpatient recovery. We encourage activities that contribute to building up your life for the better. In this way, you are learning again how to live in the real world outside drug treatment centers. Yet, it is

To reside in Pax House’s Pasadena sober living facilities, you are expected to abstain from all drugs and alcohol. You will also need to submit to random drug tests and attend 12-step meetings or Pax House’s aftercare programs.


The work of sober living is not meant to be something you do all by yourself. The support and wisdom of other people facing similar struggles make things easier to handle, giving you the strength to make it through. Sober living facilities place you in deeply personal contact with other people deeply committed to their own sobriety. Day in and day out, you will be in each other’s lives, hearing about both the triumphs and the challenges of living sober. You will be there to encourage one another. On the days you receive help, it might help you make it through a difficult moment. On the days you give help, it will give your life and your struggles a purpose, giving you a powerful reason to stay sober.


Staying at Pax House’s sober living facilities also gives you access to the highly trained staff and innovative therapeutic resources that support your recovery. This includes cognitive behavioral therapy, art and music therapy, vocational and life-skills training, and other resources to help support your sober life. It doesn’t matter if you transition from Pax’s residential care facilities or received your rehab care from somewhere else. You can check into sober living as a good way to help support your recovery and stay sober as you go back into a life of challenges.

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