Los Angeles Rehab Programs – How Long Do They Take?

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There are many different Los Angeles Rehab Programs. The majority of them offer 30-day inpatient treatment followed by intensive outpatient and gradual transition to community-based support. 

Often we find that people are likely to choose a 30-day Los Angeles rehab program because it is the shortest, and often the one covered by insurance. However, this doesn’t mean this is the right program for the individual.

At Pax House, we offer our clients the option of a 30, 60 or 90-day treatment. We are also flexible if the client feels that a longer treatment program would be beneficial.

Time and Healing at Los Angeles Rehab Programs

It is impossible to know the time takes for treatment to take its course. It depends on factors such as the length of the addiction and the type of addictive substances used. Also, mental health conditions will have an impact on the length of time needed for healing to begin.

Detox is also another unknown factor, especially with long-term drug addiction and alcoholism. For some patients, detox can be relatively short with a timeline of only a few days, while for others it may be much longer. With chronic alcoholism, detox is a little more complicated and the symptoms of withdrawal may last for weeks. This can prove challenging for an individual if they are not in a supportive and therapeutic environment.

Our Recommendation

Our highly experienced and professional treatment staff can meet with you, and your family members if necessary, to discuss the recommended duration of your treatment. We encourage our clients to keep in mind that rehab isn’t just about detox. It is about learning coping mechanisms in order to learn how to come out on the other side as a productive member of society.

For clients with a long history of alcohol or drug addiction, the 90-day treatment plan is the most recommended option. This gives your body time to recover. You also have the therapy, support and one-on-one professional interaction you need. Our goal is to prevent a relapse during those critical first months of sobriety.

This also gives our therapeutic staff and counselors the time needed to help you to learn more about yourself, the causes of the addiction, and the triggers you may face when you are out of our facility. With this information, you are much better prepared to return to your life and be successful moving forward.

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