What Should You Look for in a Rehabilitation Program?

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Are you seeking help for drug or alcohol addiction? If so, then choosing the right rehabilitation program is the first step of the recovery process. Just as you carefully choose a primary care physician, you want the best of the available Los Angeles rehabilitation programs.

At Pax House, we are very open and upfront about all our services. We explain treatment options and what our potential clients can expect. It is important that our clients understand the process of treatment. Also, we want them to know why the process is an integral part of healthy recovery. We want our clients to feel at home, confident and secure.

If you aren’t sure about which rehabilitation program to choose, here are some guidelines to help. You will be able to determine how important each of these issues are in your own recovery.

A Rehabilitation Program with a 12-Step Focus

Pax House uses a 12-step based approach to alcohol and drug treatment. First, you will attend 12-Step meetings while in the program. Then you have alternative therapeutic sessions and the use of MI or Motivational Interviewing. Finally, we offer education and holistic treatments such as yoga and music therapy.

The 12-Step program focus will also provide you with a consistent transition when you are ready to return home, ensuring that you are connected to your local meeting in order to continue your process of recovery outside of treatment.

The Environment

Pax House is also a very good description of our treatment facility. We are located in the foothills of Pasadena, and you will live in our fully staffed home environment throughout your recovery program. Having a residential feel to our treatment center helps provide the safety and warmth that can help our client’s recovery establish a strong foundation.

We provide 30, 60 and 90-day treatment programs, and we can also provide sub-acute as well as medically-assisted detox. In some cases, our clients will arrive from a detox facility, but it is possible for our staff to provide this service as well.

Finding the right match for your needs with the various Los Angeles rehabilitation programs can be a daunting task, but we can help. We are available to discuss the services and treatment options we provide so you and your family members can make the right decision for your unique addiction recovery needs.

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